Personal Trainer Prices & Fees

Fitness made personal in a private
studio to achieve long lasting goals.

Personal Trainer Prices & Fees

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, feel stronger, get fitter or just feel more confident and alive – personal training is for you.

All staff at Hamer have a great passion for health and fitness and all our trainers are enthusiastic, dedicated and strive to make training fun. They are determined to help clients reach their personal goals, whether they want to lose weight for a wedding, prepare aerobically for a sports event or gain an improvement in physical and mental wellbeing. For our team – a client’s success is their success.

We are mindful of the ever present stresses and strains of daily life, from looking after small children to a pressurised job and everything in between. Understanding your life patterns and commitments is important, as we work with each client to ensure training and nutrition are realistic, sustainable and can be incorporated to complement a work/life balance.

We can help clients whatever the size of the goals, using a personal trainer is an excellent way to help you maintain focus on achieving them. No matter how small or large they may seem, we employ our unique views on training and nutrition to achieve each clients’ individual targets as well as nurturing clients confidence and wellbeing.

All training programmes can also be complemented and supported by providing you advice and plans to ensure optimum nurtience during your training. We also help you optimise your training by designing and developing a nutrition plan that supports your physical training. We put everything together to create positive habits to ensure lifelong results.

Personal Trainer Fees

All fees below are based on a one hour training session.

Price (£)
One off session: 45 (price per session)
Monthly payment plan:
1 session per week 45 (price per session)
2 sessions per week 40 (price per session)
3 sessions per week 38 (price per session)
4 sessions per week 36 (price per session)

The number of times you choose to train each week should depend on the results you’re aiming for. During your consultation with us, take the time to think about the number of training sessions you would like with your trainer.

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