Female Personal Trainer Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham, Northumberland, Sunderland

Fitness made personal in a private
studio to achieve long lasting goals.

Female Personal Trainer Newcastle

You may prefer to train with one of our female personal trainers in Newcastle.

Call us to arrange a meeting to come and say hello, and talk about your fitness or training goals. We’ll find out about your fitness history and how we can best personalise your program to maximise and take advantage of your health and fitness interests and skills. If you’re a fitness or training novice, that’s fine too – we all start somewhere and every journey starts with a first step!

We can provide training plans that help you to build or improve muscle tone, increase your energy levels, improve your overall health and help you to gain core or specific strength. Our female personal trainers are educated in how best to train and exercise during pregnancy – pre and post natal.

As well as the physical transformation gained from training, we guarantee you’ll feel an improvement in your overall confidence and wellbeing.